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Cover Care

It is recommended that you use Cover Care Cleaner as needed to keep the spa cover clean and conditioned. Proper care of the cover will increase the life and keep it looking great in even the harshest conditions. Do not use household products or products such as steel wool or bleach or product which contain silicone. 


Filter Care

We can’t stress the importance of a clean filter for proper water filtration. Dirty filters can restrict water flow, cause hazy water, and prevent the chemicals from working properly. Many water treatment products clear or clarify the water by clumping microscopic particles and minerals together so that these larger particles can be effectively trapped in the filter. A filter clogged with debris and other deposits will not effectively do its job. Clean the filter once a month with Filter Revive and replace it every 6 months.

Fresh Fill Filter

The Fresh Fill Filter utilizes carbon and unique catalytic medias that not only remove metals, but, also create powerful oxidizers. Carbon is used for the mitigation (reduction/removal) of organic and in-organic chemicals, chlorine and chlorine by-products and some metals.

Redox or Catalytic media is used for capturing metal. Metal of all types, e.g. copper, lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium (including c-6), and destroying toxic chemicals. Metals are harsh on spa surfaces and are even worse on the equipment due to scale buildup. Help protect the spa with a clean, pure fill every time.

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